“We don’t just make the paper;
we make the difference.”


The production in our factory is divided in to several parts. In one part of our facility, we have Pulp Moulding line which is composed of brand-new machines, tanks, pulpers and all other machinery needed so we can produce the best hot mould press products in the market. The capacity of this line is over 21.000.000 million pieces per year. Some of the products produced in this sector are: paper pulp products for industrial packaging, paper pulp products for medical use, egg trays etc., agriculture industry, food packing and many more.

In other production sector of the factory, we have the Gray Board production line or (Hard Board). It is a brand-new line with the capacity of 22.000 tons final products per year. The products that we produce on this line are used basically in all industries where packing of final product is needed, in graphic paper industry, logistics, furniture industry etc.

Optimise your supply chain

High-value electronic goods require the highest standards of packaging solutions, packaging that delivers the ultimate protection in the supply chain and promotion in retail environments. 

We understand the need to create easy-to-pack solutions that avoid damage in transit and our expertise means we are uniquely placed to deliver just that.

Using proven scientific methods, we provide fit-for-purpose, cost efficient and sustainable packaging solutions. For premium presentation of your electronic goods, we offer high-quality packaging, maximising brand image and creating consumer appeal.

Our complete paper-based packaging solutions are 100% recyclable by the end-user.


A brand new state of the art line with the capacity of over 18.000 tons per year.
We are making cardboard boxes for packaging various final products like shoes, electronic devises and many other places where the hardboard paper is needed


In our factory we have the Pulp Molding line which is composed of brand new machines.
We have pulpers and all the machinery needed so we can produce the best product in the market. The capacity of this line is over 16.000.000 million pieces per year.

Paper tubes

With state of the art manufacturing facilities at Greenstar for Paper Core pipes & Tubes
We have speed fully automatic core pipe units with electric drying facilities.


The raw materials produced by Greenstar are highly biodegradable and compostable.
The materials used in our products are originally abundant renewable resources in nature, and the regeneration speed of these products is fast.

Need some

Why not contact our friendly sales team to discuss how we can assist you with paper selection.

Greenstar has comprehensive range of carton board for packaging products. We specialize in the supply of quality paper for packaging grades for household appliances, FMCG, food, beverages, cosmetics, beauty, pharmaceutical, home & garden and many more. Using only the latest techniques to ensure accuracy and versatility with our 24/7 converting on site, we offer unmatched turnaround times along with experienced staff to manage all kind of paper for your packaging specifications.

We offer a versatile range of paper moulding hot-press ready-to-use products, all-purpose applications with options for eco-friendly. Our fully recyclable products are used on daily basis in medicine, food packaging, industrial packing, agriculture and many more. To further extend your brand awareness, we offer a custom printing service for greaseproof papers printed locally. Contact our team to discuss how we can assist you with product selection.