No matter how complex your supply chain is, we can help you find the right solution

Our sustainable packaging solutions are designed to promote and protect your products, whatever their shape or size. Supply chains can be demanding, so all of our packaging is designed to ensure your products arrive at their destination in optimal condition.

 Whether packaging small or large, light or heavy industrial products, we use proven scientific methods to optimize the


role of packaging across your supply chain – to give you the reassurance you’re making fully risk assessed decisions that will deliver measurable cost savings. 

Our range of packaging products are designed to provide optimal levels of strength and protection to meet any challenges in the supply chain.

Our paper products are made with

We care about the environment and fully understand the environmental impact that manufacturing of plastics products can cause. As such we have implemented numerous policies and procedures to lower our environmental footprint. Here is how we promote environmental sustainability…

In our manufacturing

  • Greenstar installed a Solar system onto the roof of our manufacturing plant. This system provides 90-100% of all the power that Greenstar uses however not always at the same time as when we use the power. 
  • All products manufactured by Greenstar are 100% recyclable.
  • Materials used in product manufacturing are sourced from accredited paper mills supplying international Chain of Custody certified paper product.
  • All inks used in manufacturing are either water based or ethanol solvent based manufactured in Europe.
  • All row materials do not contain heavy metals or other chemicals that may harm the environment.

  • Greenstar’s manufacturing process, utilises 99% of all materials appropriated. All waste is recycled.

  • Paper waste is recycled by us.

  • Greenstar has installed LED lighting throughout the whole manufacturing complex.

*What plans has Greenstar for future environmental impact reduction?

  • Greenstar is researching the future installation of storage batteries to store energy created by our solar system.
  • Greenstar is in discussion with local government to try and establish a local micro grid in the Industrial zone.
  • Greenstar is dedicated to keepingm employees and suppliers locally.
  • Greenstar always considers what impact any new product will have on the environment.