The production in our factory is divided into three sectors. In one part of facility we have Pulp Molding line, in second we have Gray board production line and in third we have paper tubes production line.


Greenstar grayboard has very good stiffness and bursting strength and can be made into different shapes according to the needs of different


Our pulp molding line offers technical possibility to create best products in the market with big capacity


Our fully automatic paper tubes manufacturing facilities offers wide range of tubes and rings for different industries.

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Years of experience

A team of Macedonian entrepreneurs and managers, all of them with long business ethic portfolios, came together with a plan to establish a paper and carton production, under the name of Greenstar. With a vision of sustainability, the team set out to rebuild old ruined warehouses and bring state of the art technology that could sustain and help the local economy and families by producing sustainably paper, with converting paper waste into premium paper products.

As we look to the future, Greenstar will continue to convert recycled papers in new forms and into new markets and customers. 

As the economy develops rapidly, environmental pollution is getting worse, especially the plastic pollution problem. Greenstar is committed to environmental protection, taking ” Be part of the solution not part of the pollution ” as our aim. Based on the core values of being good-minded, loving creation, great achievements, continuously leading and open cooperation, we persist in the harmonious development of man and nature.

“Be part of the solution
not part of the pollution”

Personal statement

Let’s raise our daily habits on different level and create better world for us and next generations. Keep up the great work in your life, recycle cleanly and always buy recycled content products.

Present situation

For obvious reasons, it is shameful to read the statistics on how discriminating man has been, especially when it comes to deforestation… but in the end, there is always hope.

Defining Problem

To help us make an educated choise between plastics and paper, we need to understand their impact on natural resourses, the energy and water required for production and recycling, and the long term environmental impacts.

Defining Solution

Creating better world with improving the sustainable development of man and nature, has always been Greenstar original intention and we will never forget this.