Nowadays, sustainability is usually defined as the processes and actions through which humankind avoids the depletion of natural resources, in order to keep an ecological balance that doesn’t allow the quality of life of modern societies to decrease.

Our global presence and structure enable us to scale up quickly, be agile in responding to your needs and deliver on time, even if it’s only for small order quantities. 

Local, when possible, global when needed.

With due consideration for sustainability, the environment and corporate social responsibility. Minimum impact with maximum result, that’s what we aim for. Because we care!

Greenstar meets today’s all three pillars of business

Environmental Sustainability

Every single product we create is environmentally friendly. All made from eco-friendly materials, our products are highly biodegradable and compostable, and they are sustainable for our mother earth.

We care about the environment and fully understand the environmental impact that manufacturing can cause. As such we have implemented numerous policies and procedures to lower our environmental footprint.


  • Preservation of trees – instead of cutting new quantities of trees waste paper is recycled and returned into the circle of consumption
  • Avoided of processing pollution: no use of chemicals (solvents, bonders, etc.), no pollutant emissions in the atmosphere, water sewerage system or earth.
  • Zero waste – Greenstar’s manufacturing process, utilises 99% of all materials appropriated. All waste is recycled.
  • Avoiding plastic – instead of plastic packaging and containers, solutions made of recycled paper are offered.
  • Nearly Zero CO2 emissions – PV solar plant covers 90-100% of the power demand, but due to the dependence on solar radiation occasionally grid power is used.
  • Renewable energy – PV solar plant installed.
  • Greenstar is researching the future installation of storage batteries to store energy created by our solar system.
  • Use of EE equipment (LED lighting, air conditioning, machinery, etc.)
  • Our products can be infinitely recycled – all products manufactured by Greenstar are 100% recyclable.
  • Carton board is most environmentally friendly packaging material.
Consumers care on the environmental impact of a product’s packaging. We care too!

Economic Sustainability

  • Greenstar (paper and carton production) is established and developed by a team of local entrepreneurs and managers, all of them with long business ethic portfolios.
  • Greenstar boosts the domestic economy and living standard by the placement of Greenstar in Macedonia and employing local people to manufacture sustainable paper products (from paper waste to premium paper products).
  • From the beginning, Greenstar is focused on selling environmentally friendly and high-quality products.
  • In the future, Greenstar will continue to convert recycled papers in new forms and into new markets and customers.
  • Greenstar establishment is supported by the Government of RNM
  • Greenstar deals with circular economy – infinite reuse and recycle/waste becomes resource input
  • Greenstar attracts more customers – studies show a number of people prefer to deal with businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible.
  • Greenstar reduces costs – an energy efficient manufacture and office spend less on the energy bills.

Social Sustainability

  • Environment protection is Greenstar mission and unite as much as possible more good companies to commit to the sustainable development of human kind.
  • Greenstar develops facility and process which will serve the community and future generations to maintain healthy environment and preserve resources. – In line with the Green Deal pledges.
  • Greenstar cooperates with non-profit environmental protection organizations to
    call on everyone to use degradable and renewable products to safeguard the earth.
  • Greenstar is open for cooperation with high and higher education institutions (practice, trainings, volunteering, research, development, etc.).
  • Equity – no gender, religion, social status is important, only expertise, will and willingness to work are decisive.
  • Greenstar closest family are the employees – we grow together.
  • Suggestions, indications, possible improvements etc. coming from the employees are always welcome and apricated.
  • Greenstar is dedicated to keeping employees and suppliers locally. 
  • Provided assessment of safety and health conditions in working environment.
  • Provided training and appropriate protection means.
  • We – employees are not disposed at hazardous substances since only environmentally friendly means are used in manufacturing.
  • We enjoy regular Happy hours.