Paper tubes

With the art manufacturing facilities at Greenstar for Paper Core pipes & Tubes; we have speed W fully automatic core pipe units with electric drying facilities.

The main focus is on providing cost effective solutions to industry with high crushing strength cores which not only reduces cost in terms of material damage in transit but also in terms of reduction of thickness of core pipes.

FOR TAPES AND ADHESIVE LABELS: wide range of tubes and rings for the industry of the tapes and adhesive labels.

FOR PAPER: paper tubes with technical-specific requirements in relation of the type of paper : graphic papers, printing, cartons

FOR ROCKS AND ROPES: tubes used for winding ropes and bobbins,

FOR PLASTIC FILMS: tubes and cardboard cores designed for the wrapping of stretch film, industrial and protective packaging, flexible packaging.

FOR PROTECTIVE PACKAGING: used as containers for wine, posters, bottles

FOR TEXTILE: tubes used in textile industry

We offer a wide variety of core pipes & tubes with following product description details:

  • Imported core pipes one time used for the paper mills.
  • Minimum inner diametar 40 mm
  • Maximum inner diameter 250 mm
  • Wall thickness 2 – 20 mm
  • Length from 5 cm up to max 400 cm