If you’re not making things better, you are making things worse

Since our inception we have focused on selling quality, environmentally-sound products. We are growing our company with your support. We feel just being our customer means that you’ve made a unique contribution to earth, and we believe that it is our responsibility to be a servant of the environment every day, providing you with sustainable and socially responsible products as much as we can. We hope these small Green Changes Everyone Can Make will inspire you!

The message is clear:


  • will switch brands, products, and retailers.
  • want information on the packaging.
  • want action – now!

Brand companies and retailers have to act and take a stand: for the environment and for their continued business success.

As an individual there are definitely things you can do that will make a positive impact on the environment. This list of green changes everyone can make is for those who have the green spirit and want to incorporate it into their lives. Please make our environment better, by incorporating these green practices into your daily life.

Small Green Changes Everyone Can Make

  1. Be active and plant trees- it can be at your homes, backyards or you can join any organization keen on stopping deforestation,
  • Reduce the consumption of meet to reduce the pressure to clear more forests for the cattle,
  • Work to pass mandatory recycling & composting laws,
  • Use textile bags,
  • Use recycled paper products,
  • Avoid using polystyrene foam,
  • Start a recycling program where you work or live,
  • Be responsible and creative with leftover food,
  • Re-use envelopes, jars, paper bags and scrap paper,
  • Urge local restaurants to stop using foam containers,
  • Mend and repair, rather than discard and replace,
  • Use non-toxic, biodegradable soaps and detergents.
  1. Be creative and always ask mail manufacturers to use eco-friendly products. Show them your deforestation knowledge by highlighting certain important facts using statistics.

The reason behind our Green Changes Everyone Can Make is to inspire you to be a better steward of the earth.